I'm Abhijith Nair

On this site, I share everything that I've learnt about building an honest and highly profitable business online.

I also share my online adventures, reviews, tutorials on this Youtube channel here.

The Biggest Problem

that I faced online was that whenever I purchase products, which were supposed to show me how to make money online, they always let me down!

The sales pages were so misleading and sadly a lot of people like me falls for this!

I've been in a loop of buying these products and never got anywhere with them. These products delivered way less than what they promised on the salespage.

No One To Trust!

It was obvious that no one actually wanted to help others make money online, they just wanted you to buy their product and keep buying their product over and over.

The "Gurus" out there have psychologically triggered sales pages that sells you the dream of the financial freedom - that will trick the most sensible person to buy.

I've been in this loop forever but I realized this has to stop. I wanted to genuinely help people make money in an honest way without selling their soul.

No Quick-and-Easy Shortcuts

In the online marketing space, everybody wants that quick success. Everyone wants that shortcut. I used to think like that myself. 


The truth is, chasing those shortcuts is a guaranteed path to failure. We should focus on building real entrepreneurial skills.

That's what I focus here on in ProfitNotch.


We were a middle class family from the very beginning. My father was working for the Railways, mom's a housewife and I have a younger sister. We were not really doing well financially and I know you could relate to all those bills coming in your way and the loans that we were barely able to pay off every month.

I was a student studying in 10th grade at that point of time and I remember it clearly that I used dial-up internet connection to browse on the internet and there was no smartphone in that I could use at that time. It was at that time I finally searched for "Make Money Online" on Google.

I had gone through a lot of dirt and finally one day found some Paid-To-Click websites where I could earn fraction of a dollar by clicking some advertisements - hey I was a kid back then. So I did this whole day and made like a dollar or so in a month and requested a payout. Never expected a payment though as I never got one in my previous experiences but this time, I got paid!

My first dollar... That feeling was awesome!


...it didn't last long as the work of just clicking ads and watch them for 60 secs everytime was ultra-boring, tiring and tedious task.

Now I knew that there is opportunity to make money online as I got paid even if it was just a dollar and started searching for alternate methods.

I searched all over YouTube with my super ultra-slow internet connection that I could made a coffee and come back and the video would still be buffering lol.

Anyways, I found some PPD websites which stands for Pay-Per-Download where one can lock a file with offers/surveys over it. Whenever someone downloads the file by doing a survey, you get paid (It's kind of a CPA network). So, I tried it and didn't get any results. I didn't know how to promote and how to bring in traffic etc. I started going around forums and learning things and seeing those results everyone was having... I worked hard and started doing YouTube videos. The learning was a lengthy process and having the slowest internet in the universe made it even lengthier process.

I had my first download, my first lead of $16 after 6 months of hard-work.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic! I felt like top of the world. 6 months is a long time and getting a result and that too a lead/download/sale of $16 was overwhelming.

I started doing more videos and the leads start to come in and I reached like at $50/day in a year. I was at high-school at that time and making that much of money was awesome πŸ™‚

I could now help my father to pay off the debts.

Later, I found CPA marketing (father of PPD) which paid better with content locking instead of file locking and few months later, I started earning over 3 figures in a day which is better than the average pay here in India.

Did you think that I became rich after that?
Nope... There was a downfall. It was a learning curve for me.

I took my little success for granted and stopped doing videos. I got lazy and the leads started to go low in number and so was the commissions.

The real downfall started when the videos started to get removed by YouTube and finally the whole YT account got shut down.

BAMM! I went back to ZERO just like that! Nothing coming in...

Apparently, YouTube changed policies and my videos were violating them. Maybe I was as I didn't really know the policies and stuff... I tried to start it over but I couldn't get my videos up now and even if I did, I couldn't rank it.

That was the end of a small journey right there.

In the midst of all this, I came across affiliate marketing. It really fascinated me and I started to read about it, purchased courses after courses as big things were promised on the sales page of these products.

After a while, I realized what I was doing. I was simply going around in circles buying every product that I see believing that it was my ticket to the freedom.

It wasn't...

I did make some sales here and there but it was never consistent.

After months and months of trial and error, got sick of buying mediocre and low quality products. At this point, I've decided to set things straight and be honest!

That's how I started reviewing products (yep got back into Youtube) and started receiving positive response. 

Started to focus on one product at a time and also found a mentor who really told me things as it is which was a breath of fresh air for me.

I've then learnt how to do proper affiliate marketing (quality product, content, funnels, email marketing etc.) and finally was able to breakthrough!

That is my intention and if you are someone who are sick of all these lying GURUS and are willing to work, send me an email :)

I'll show you how to do honest affiliate marketing that helps people (so that you don't have to sell your soul to make money).

One thing that I can assure you is that if you are looking for making some quick bucks and are really lazy to do any work, I am afraid you are at the wrong place and it's not something that I support of and please don't contact me.

Ah... just deviated from my story to a rant.

Anyways, that's it :)

Make sure you reach out to me at abhi@profitnotch.com as I love talking with people and would love to hear from you whatever it is πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoyed the read and got to know me a little πŸ™‚

- Abhi