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    How to create lead sucking opt-in pages and thank you pages
    It's important that you know how to create high converting opti-n pages so that your optin rate goes high and the lead cost goes down which increases your chances to make some sales.
  • 2
    How to connect your autoresponder and setup tracking
    You'll see step-by-step how to connect your opt-in pages and autoresponder and how to setup tracking so that you can be crystal clear what's going on with your campaign.
  • 3
    How To write emails that converts your leads into sales
    You'll learn how you can re-write the email swipes in such a way that converts your leads into customers,sales and commissions. (In short, it's epic!)
  • 4
    Get access to my exact traffic resource
    You'll See how i generated leads, and commissions by the end of it plus my exact traffic source i've used. apart from that, i'll be sharing my some valuable resources that you can use.

Here's What You'll Get

Over-The-Shoulder videos where I build everything from scratch right in-front of your eyes.

You'll get access to my systems, exact resources, recommendations and traffic sources that removes all the guesswork.

You'll be able to just copy my actions and produce similar results and also a chance for me to help you build your business.


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