How to Make Quick Money with Facebook and CPA offers – The Easy Way

Hope you enjoyed the video and got some value from it 🙂 .
As you can see, it does not take a lot of work to set this up – infact, you can get started today easily in a couple of hours.You can do this for free joining and posting in the groups manually but if you can automate it and that too for cheap…then why not?

“Money is in the List”

Ever heard that before?
Nearly every internet marketer agrees with this and i do as well.It is the only kind of traffic that you can control and make people take action at your will and that’s why you MUST build an email list and if you don’t know why then just take a look at my previous post 10 Reasons Why You Must Build An Email List and you’ll realize the power of building it.

The formula of the method is really simple:

  • Create a Landing Page (to collect emails)
  • Make them redirect to your CPA offer
  • Start Posting on facebook groups with a bot (to drive traffic to your landing page)
  • Cash in and Keep Promoting new offers.


Step 1: Creating a Landing Page

Most people thing creating a landing page is difficult, which reall is not! It is super simple and extremely easy to create one.As i have shown in the video – i use a wordpress plugin called Instabuilder 2.0 to build them and makes life a lot easier.There are other alternatives like Wp Profit Builder which is pretty good as well and work in a similar fashion. You will need hosting ofcourse and if you are not sure or want to get start cheap then i will recommend this $2.95/month hosting company KnownSrv which is pretty good for a start.

I can create a landing page in less than 2 minutes.

Here is an example of the landing page that i actually used with CashNetwork.

landing page


How about another one?

landing page eg 2


I used the above one with a warriorplus offer and Once the vistors signs up on here, they get redirected to the offer i am promoting and they also gets an email that i’ve preloaded into the autoresponder service that i am using i.e. Getresponse.They have a 30 day trial so make sure to check them out.

Now you have access to their emails and you already know that they are interested in your niche – just promote them with more similar offers and ofcourse don’t spam with promos after promos…provide them some value like if you have a list of fitness niche then you mail them 5 best tips for workout or something like that – you get the idea.In my case here, i simple send them here at profitnotch that gives them value and knowledge about the working methods to make money online 🙂

Let’s move on to

Step 2: Finding Offers to Promote

Now you have a landing page setup that collects email and it’s time to find some offers.

I used Cash Network for a test drive and the offer i founds was cash with oz which pays per lead – this is the offer that visitors get redirected after entering their emails.. Currently i am using warriorplus as there are lots of make money offers in there which is my niche.

Once again, you really don’t have to copy this as there are plenty of niches there and thousands of groups for all those niches..There will be like tons of people that’ll copy this exact method and you won’t be making as much if you have tried others but ofcourse go ahead and try it so you know this works 🙂

An example of other vertical would be doing coupon offers and targetting coupon groups and you’ll do very well – you simply need to be creative and think of something that’ll convert well and convert without much action from your visitor’s part.

There are other networks like clickbank, peerfly etc where you can find almost every offer for your niche.After all this, if you still can’t find one then just contact me and i’ll help you find the right affiliate program for your niche. (Love me yet? :p )

Step 3: Creating Facebook Accounts

DO NOT use your main account! Alright? – keep ’em all separate.

Just quickly create 2 or 3 accounts and make them look real posting some pictures and some statuses…after creating the account let it rest for a day atleast before adding to the bot.

It’s really important that they look real – who’d want to click on a link shared by a fake profile right?

Step 4: Joining and Posting to the Groups to Cash in!

Now we’ll be talking about automating this whole process of joining and posting our links to the group.You can do this manually but it’ll take a lot of effort doing this manually and its easy to get frustrated by doing so.

It was hard to get away with faecbook’s ban hammer but not anymore… Why you ask? The answer is NinjaBlaster.

I tried the trial version first and got the results which is why i am currently joining a lot of groups to post on.I have currently around 120 groups joined over 3 accounts and will update this post with my earnings by the end of this month, so make sure to check in or get on my list and i’ll update you myself 😉

So let’s go ahead and setup Ninjablaster:

Get ninjablaster

Step 1:

You are now all set to kickstart things with ninjablaster

Get the trial version of it just in case you won’t have any money wasted if this is not working for you.

As i’ve shown in the video it is super simple to setup and i’ll show it here once again if you want to read it.

We’ll mostly use two options of the bot i.e Joiner and Link poster.



Step 2:

Now spend a day or 2 atleast to join groups using ninjablaster before you start posting any links.

Click on “Joiner 1” and you’ll see this:


Enter your fb username(or email) and password.Click “save” after you did it.It’ll add the accounts to the bot.

Use Proxy if you are using multiple accounts (more than 10) but for a start you don’t have to.

In the keywords section, enter the keywords (preferably 2 or 3 atmost) that you want to target, don’t stuff it with keywords though or otherwise you’ll get banned.

Set the delay for a minimum of 300 sec (600 secs for brand new account) and select the amount of groups you want to join and then after that select the min required number of members in a group that you want to send a join request.

I am currently over 120 groups that have atleast 1000 members each.

Step 3:

After joining atleast 10-20 groups you can test the Link poster option.

Click the link poster option and you’ll have a screen like this:



The setting will be almost same as in “Joiner 1” – select your fb account – assign proxies if you are using any – set delay time of 600 secs if you have a new account.

Click Load groups and it’ll load all the groups that you are currently approved/joined in and in the right section you have to add your status with your cpa link in the section just below.Click Add and that status will be saved.

If you are going to use multiple statuses then add all of them – select random option – this’ll post randomly from your given statuses.

One thing i forgot to mention is that ninjablaster works with spyntax format as well so you can use it to avoid the ban hammer from facebook.

Final Words

Once this start giving results, don’t just wait – just go full on and scale up this bad boy using more accounts and proxies and also more niches!

After a while,change the colors,text format etc of your landing page otherwise the conversion will drop but you don’t have to worry about all this right now…

Hope you loved this! Please do comment down here if you liked it, hate it, or if have some doubts 🙂







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