How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Foundation Training Part3



This is Abhi and in this video, I’ve shown you the costs and everything to set up your foundation so that you are ready for the battle of affiliate marketing!

You need the armour and the weapons to win any battle… right? That’s what I am talking about in here.

In order to set your foundation so that you can explore the unknown lands of affiliate marketing, you need some basic tools like an Autoresponder, a Landing Page Builder etc.


Autoresponder is a place where you’ll store your Email List and also send emails to your subscribers. It’s a MUST-HAVE tool and not optional at all!

As the name, it can respond to your leads automatically. Automation – that’s what we are after. You don’t want to send messages to thousands of your subscribers one by one – Damn! that’d be tedious work haha.

Also, with Autoresponders, you can create an email sequence for days or months or a year if you want lol. Well, I recommend you create an email sequence of at least 7 days for a new subscriber and then send them broadcast emails. I will be covering this in detail in the next post, so don’t worry much about that.

There are few autoresponders out there but I recommend Getresponse as 1) It’s a leading company, 2) It’s not expensive at all, 3) I use it myself and I can recommend it to anyone.

You can signup for a free trial of Getresponse for 30 days by clicking here. Getresponse costs $15/month for 1000 emails and that’s all you need. Just go with the free trial now as I mentioned above.


Landing Page Builder is another not-optional tool that you need to have in your arsenal.

There are lots and lots of options available for Landing Page Builders out there but I have used only a few myself and I have shown you about it in the video above. As you can see, it can range from $67 to the north of $97/month payment.

The best one for you to get started is ProfitBuilder. Why? 1) It’s cheaper and has 50 sites license, 2) I use it myself, 3) It works great and is super easy to use – so you really don’t need to get started with the most expensive ones out there. Instead, use that money to advertise your stuff to build your audience and then move to the best ones!

ProfitBuilder will cost you $67 one time payment. So no monthly charges on that and the 50-site license is surely a great advantage so that you can build pages on multiple domains.

You can get ProfitBuilder by clicking here.


This is the ultimate weapon that can show you the way to the victory. 😉

The final tool that is not optional at all. Click Tracker is used to know/track your traffic – the behaviours, conversions and all those things.

If you are running multiple campaigns and all of that traffic are coming to one single link/page – you can’t really track how many clicks you got from where. That’s not a big problem as you can see stats in the campaigns or the stats page of your dashboard, but the big problem is that you can’t track your conversions or leads or sales!

With this, you can track every minute detail of every single click – leads, conversions, sales, country, and all those things make a difference between you winning and losing 🙂

I can only recommend one company and that’s ClickMagick! These guys only know one thing – Tracking – and they are best at it!

They just cost $12/month – I use that and it’s really all you need to get started. They have a 14-day free trial.

Get ClickMagick by clicking here.


Setting up the foundation is not going to cost you a fortune as you just read above.

Total cost would be $67 – One time Payment and $15+$12 = $27/month!

Awesome! You just built your foundation in like $100 🙂

Ofcourse you need a domain and a hosting too but all of them will be covered in next posts.

You are now all set to go and explore the unchartered territory of the Internet Marketing world. You still have to learn a lot, be on a great journey, my friend. If you need an ally who has a bit of experience, I am there! I can teach you some skills, share some information that can turn you into a battle-hardened warrior. Just add me on facebook here and say hi.

So, my friend, I hope you enjoyed reading this 🙂

I’ll cover how to be actually profitable with affiliate marketing and how to send emails and all those cool stuff in the next post.

Thanks for reading,




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