How to Make Money On Instagram with Affiliate Products and CPA offers


I hope you enjoyed this awesome video from Franklin.

Let’s Recap what’s in the video and then we will go into the details:

In this video, Franklin shows how to make money on instagram and affiliate offers (or CPA offers) and starts by showing a forum post where a guy made like 6 figures using this EXACT same method.The method is really simple and the results are pretty quick to show. Although, it can be done manually,a usage of a Bot(or a software) makes life a hella lot easier in the process to automate things and escape from the tedious repeated tasks.

Here on this video, frank used a cannabis niche (which is pretty good and responsive niche in instagram) and found some related affiliate programs by searching on google.He made over $130 ($58 + $70) after doing this for few days with just one account with around 2k+ followers and also building an email list with Getresponse !

I guess that’d be it for a small summary of the video.Now Lets go into the bits and pieces of the method and i’ll be covering what exactly is he doing and also what is he missing in this video and how you can get started making money online with instagram 🙂

Ok now lets check what tools and services you need to start this.

  • Instagram Accounts (duh!)
  • Email Capture Landing Page – Getresponse
  • FollowLiker Bot (or alternative)
  • A niche that you want to target and ofcourse a brain – i know old same boring joke ,hater 😉

 Making Money With Instagram

Let me make this easy for you and break it down right here and will be explaining everything.So here are the steps:

  • Create an instagram account (or buy them – the more the better)
  • Create Getresponse account (Free first 30 days Trial)
  • Email Capture Page – Getresponse can fill this gap (also termed as Squeeze Page or Optin page)
  • Get FollowLiker Software (If its expensive for you i’ll be providing cheap real good alternatives as well – ya i am nice :p )
  • Connect your instagram account with the Followliker and start the setup as shown in the video and run it!
  • Followliker will then auto-follow others based on your target account or hashtags and they’ll follow you back

The followers will see your Landing Page in the bio entering their emails and then making you commissions by purchasing the product that you promoted – Sweet!

Guys! Just go and grab a cup of coffee or tea and read it’ll be a nice read 😉

First, Let me explain How are you going to make money with this in a simple format:

Your Instagram Account -> Landing Page where you capture their email  -> Affiliate Offer -> Commission

That was simple.Isn’t it? But Abhi, tell me why do we capture their emails?  Hmm, good question.
If you get their emails,you can market to them for life! That’s effin’ right!

So let’s break it down again in simple format:

Emails you collected -> Promotion of more similar offers -> More commissions (for life!)

That’s how powerful it is to collect emails and build a list so we can promote to them over and over and over.
Don’t you think if a person is interested in losing fat will always check out new products on them? Of course they will just like you searching for methods to make money easy and fast.

So now this image will be easy to understand that was shown in the video:

So small recap once again:

The Bot connected to Instagram account(s) automates the following, unfollowing, liking etc so that you don’t have to do it manually for hours and it gets the traffic flowing to your landing page, then you collect emails and redirects them to the offer.Even if they don’t buy anything you can follow up later with them as you have their emails, so more money in the back-end which gives you quite a nice boost..a big boost infact to the income.

Let us take a quick example..umm let’s say we are going to promote some coupon offers from a CPA network (there are plenty out there) and we have an IG account related to pretty much anything..say its a funny meme account with 2k followers and have a coupon offer link in your bio which pays you $1.5/lead. if 100 people signs up you make $150 (which is darn super easy to get with Instagram!)

See the Power? Well, wait we didn’t include the Landing Page or our Email Capture page in this.So now instead of your CPA link in your bio, it’ll be the landing page with the email capture form in there.So now you’ll get their emails and you already know they are interested in coupons – you can market to them forever using emails and new coupon offers or test them with different offers.In this way, you don’t even have to wait for sales to come in.

Possibilities and the niches you can target is unlimited!
There are many marketers I know are following the same method and some of them are doing blackhat methods like having an iPhone page and redirects them to a locker which shows multiple offers where the visitors have to unlock by downloading some app offers to get access to iPhone giveaway(which is fake). It’s unethical BUT and this is a HUGE BUT….what if you can convert it into whitehat and something ethical? Yes, you can…There are plenty of iPhone giveaway CPA offers available in various networks and you can make use of them 🙂 Simple Right?? Instagram can be monetized with every single niche possible!

I hope I made sense :p

Now in the later part of the Video, there was a mention about a website called which actually manages your accounts where you can schedule your image posts in Instagram and in that way you can almost 100% automate things… but as a start, I think you really don’t require that.

How much is this going to cost me?

The good old question that everybody asks haha :p
So let’s break it down:

You can create and manage 3 Instagram accounts on one phone (actually can be up to 5 but 3 will be safer) which is pretty much free – $0

Cost of FollowLiker: $97.99 for unlimited accounts (which I recommend otherwise paying $57 for just one account is pricey but anyways I’ll be providing alternatives as well so you don’t necessarily have to pay that much)

Getresponse Autoresponder: Free for 30 days (which is plenty of time to test this out) Autoresponder is a must for online business/marketing.There is no option at all.You MUST get one even if you are not doing this particular method but are using different methods to drive traffic.It’ll be your asset and you know why 😉

So the total cost at the start would be just the Followliker i.e $97.99 BUT WAIT!!
I’ll bring that cost even down with this alternative which is called Massplanner which not only does the exact same thing but also offer other social network automation and offers a 5-day trial.And their tutorial videos are far more easy to understand than my explanation.Anyways if you want i can post a tutorial on that as well.Do let me know in the comments.  ( EDIT: Massplanner has been shut down recently)


“It takes money to make money”
“Money is in the List ”

These are famous quotes in Internet Marketing industry and it is 100%  true! You need to get proper tools and services to get your online ventures functioning properly and you must need a list(email list) where you can virtually print money on demand sending them offers with just 1 click in your autoresponder.Imagine if you only have 500 subscribers in your list – you can send them offers every day and cash in 🙂

Thanks for reading this tutorial and I hope you had fun reading “How to make money on Instagram post” and is ready to take action on it!

There is an excellent article on NinjaOutreach which covers 7 ways to Use Visual Content for Better Conversion and I highly recommend you to read it – it can really open up a lot ways in promoting your offers/products!

Visual Content Consumption Increased 250% Over the Years

If you need any help please use the contact page or just comment down here below.Also, Subscribe to my newsletter where I’ll be sending more awesome methods (both free and paid) to your inbox.

It’s time to bid Good Bye my dear amigo
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