How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – Part1

Heyya everyone!

I have started a video series where I explain how you can get started making money with affiliate marketing and not only get started but go all the way to make big cash and change your current lifestyle!


Hope you enjoyed the video 🙂
This is just an introduction video for the Affiliate Marketing series that I am going to do.I am trying my best to create these videos as newbie friendly as possible.Anyone who follows this effectively has no reason not to make their first dollars online.I will lay out a summary of this video and some elaboration here…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you are promoting a product that is not yours, then you are an affiliate to that product.So when you refer someone to that product and make a sale – you get paid a commission.
This is called Affiliate Marketing. (simple, ain’t it? )

The commission varies from $1 – $10,000 depending on the product that you are promoting. (Sweet!)

When you become an affiliate to a product, you will be given an affiliate link unique to you which you will use to promote that particular product( or offer).If someone goes through that link and purchases the product you’ll get paid the decided commission percentage or amount.That’s how you are going to promote a product.

But there is a lot to it than simply promoting it though.As I have mentioned in previous videos and posts, you MUST build a list because your list is the only traffic source that you have control and can leverage for years to come making you commissions day by day…

You need tracking to track the traffic, a landing page builder to capture the email address of your visitor(s), an autoresponder to store those emails and send them automated emails promoting your affiliate offers, converting the prospects to sales… and a lot more.

This might seem complicated to you but don’t worry, I’ll cover everything in a step-by-step manner in my upcoming videos and posts.

My main aim in creating these videos and posts are to help you earn your very first commission easily within first 48 hours! The information I am going to share with you for free is being currently sold for hundreds if not thousands of dollars.What you’ll learn here will be of tremendous value to you which won’t be found elsewhere for the cost of bloody nothing!

What am I going cover in this series?

Glad you asked 😉

I am going to show you how to-

  • Find offers.
  • Create Optin Page and a ThankYou Page
  • Drive Traffic
  • Build a Responsive Email List!
  • Following up on your leads and converting them into sales.

See? I am going to cover everything that is required to make money with affiliate marketing.This is gonna be a fun ride and make sure to cling to the end of the ride to “make it happen”.

You sure?

Then what are you waiting for?
Click here to go to the Part2 of this series…

Also, Contact me if you need help with anything related to Affiliate/CPA marketing or building a list.
Cheers! See you in the next post 🙂

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