How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – Part2


Long video, ain’t it? I hope you enjoyed the video as much as me while creating this 🙂
As you can see, there’s no B.S. content in the video – just straight up valuable information.Lots to come…

If you are serious about making it online, then you need to use your time effectively learning new skills and testing campaigns.And also don’t think that you’ll make money without spending anything?
Yes, Free traffic works but there is a limit and I am sure you already know that.

You need some must have tools to start your affiliate marketing career and have a head start over others.
There is no alternative to this if you want to make some passive commissions.

You need these tools:

  1. Autoresponder
  2. Landing Page Creator
  3. Click Tracker
  4. Domain
  5. Hosting

Why do you need them? Well, let me explain…


Autoresponder is a tool that allows you to store your email list and send out emails depending upon your automated settings.Pretty easy to use and a must have tool to keep in touch with your people.

Autoresponders are necessary whether you are running a blog, eCommerce store, affiliate sites, business sites or others.I can create a whole post on how crucial this tool is for your business but I am not going to do that lol :p

I use Getresponse as my autoresponder and email marketing platform as it is cost-effective and newbie friendly.There is a 30 day free trial without any limitation in features and from then on it’s $15/month for 1000 subscribers.Pretty cheap huh?

I highly recommend Getresponse  and you can get it by clicking here.

2.Landing Page Creator

This is an another tool that will let you create Landing Pages easily like I have shown in the video.I use Clickfunnels and Instabuilder both.Clickfunnels is a little bit on a high-end price point on $97/month which is pretty good but if that is out of budget then you should consider getting Instabuilder which have only a one time fee.Both work great but with Clickfunnels you get more features but you won’t be needing them as of now at all.

You will need this to create an Optin page and Thank You page as shown in the video.

3.Click Tracker

Another important must have tool for your business.Click Trackers allows you to track your campaigns and filter out the low quality, botted, fake clicks which hurt your campaigns and stats.If you are going to buy traffic from someone but are getting fake clicks – how in the hell would you know? Using Click Trackers… duh!

I use ClickMagick to track the clicks everywhere and it’s the best in the market and is very cost effective i.e. for $17/month.

Many of the leading internet marketers and dot com businesses also use this and I highly recommend going for this one… also for the sake of up and coming videos.


Do I even need to explain this? lol

It is self-explanatory and you have to have a home base for your marketing and branding needs.I get my domain from NameCheap and Godaddy.If you are getting the domain for the first time, then you can get it for less than a buck.Just choose a domain that is related to the niche you are going to promote… eg.  :p


Well, of course, you have to get a hosting to host your domain and the website.Instabuilder is a plugin based software which requires WordPress and for WordPress, you need hosting.There are many hostings available and cheap ones too to get you started.I use hostwinds for this blog and knownsrv for my other needs.If you are new then I definitely recommend going with the $2.99/month plan which is more than enough! If you already have a hosting, then there is no need to get one.Just use your current one.

Now that I explained why all the tools are necessary – let’s jump straight into the main stuff… Shall we?


There are plenty of affiliate marketplaces where you can find an offer/product and promote it.Personally, I promote “Online Business” type of offers targeting the people who are looking to make money online.To find offers for this niche, I use these 3 affiliate marketplaces:


I have already shown you how I find offers in the above video and you can watch it to find a good offer to promote 🙂


I will enjoy explaining this lol :p

New affiliate marketers, or should I say, amateur marketers? just try to make a quick sale and neglect having a proper funnel in the place.Damn it hurts my heart that these guys are wasting their traffic without capturing their details…

You need to have a funnel created in place, no matter how simple it is! Creating and placing a proper sales funnel will increase your sales rate drastically.It doesn’t have to be complex or anything… All the tools i mentioned above are used in creating a funnel for you.

Let me show a simple funnel:

simple funnel


The Opt-in Page

The Opt-in Page is the web page where you are going to send the traffic.

This page is also called as a “squeeze-page” with one and only job: capturing the email address of the visitors.Nothing more nothing less.

People are not going to give their contact email just like that.So in order to get their email, you need to offer them something (a free report related to the offer that you are promoting) Or just tell them what they’ll be getting access to if they enter their email.You are going to promise them through your headline that will be fulfilled by the video sales letter of the affiliate offer you are promoting.

The Thank You Page

This Thank You page is where you are going to redirect the visitors after they opt-in their email contact email.

This is the page where you are going to introduce yourself and build your relationship with the subscribers through a short video or something.

Why Thank You Page exists and why you just can’t redirect them to direct affiliate offer instead of an extra page?

Because you are here to create a long term business and not just buying traffic sending straight to the affiliate offer.You need to let them know about you and your upcoming emails so that they recognize you 🙂

In this affiliate marketing funnel, the thank you page becomes the bridge page where you bridge the gap from your website to the affiliate offer.

The Affiliate Offer

You don’t have to create this page – instead, you just need to simply link to the affiliate offer you choose to promote in your TY page.

So we have covered finding the offers and creating the Landing pages part.I have a lot more to say but I don’t want to confuse you.It can wait for next post 😉

In the next part, I’ll cover how to connect the Landing pages and Autoresponder so that both the system can talk to each other.I will also cover how to create your first list, setup your first email and the sequences from there on.

Let me know in the comments below if you have enjoyed the read or have any doubts regarding the post.

Keep the tools ready peeps, we gonna make some money! 😀

Let’s move on to Part 3!

Cya there 😉





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