How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – Part3


Hey buddy,
Hope you enjoyed the video and learned a thing or two πŸ™‚

In the above video, I’ve covered about the integration of the landing pages and the autoresponder i.e. Getresponse.
You can see it’s really easy to follow and do.I’ve also covered creating your first email and adding follow ups in Getresponse.

Let’s dive straight into the content.We’ll have to complete 4 Steps to complete the integration which will be:

  • Step1: Create a brand new list.
  • Step2: Connect the Landing pages with the list.
  • Step3: Create a welcome email and add follow-ups.
  • Step4: Add more follow-ups before driving traffic.

Let’s go into each of them in detail.

Step1: Create a brand new list

First, you need to login to your Getresponse account and click the drop-down in the top-right corner of the browser and click on the “create campaign” link.


Now it’ll ask you to enter a campaign name.Enter your desired campaign name that you can remember for this particular list.



And after that, click on “Edit Campaign Settings” as shown in the image below.



Click the Permissions tab and uncheck all the three option under “Enable Confirmed Optin”.



Awesome! We’ve completed creating our list!
The reason we uncheck all those confirmed opt-in boxes is to avoid visitors to verify their email for their subscription which may annoy some people and we may lose a subscriber.But I agree that double opt-in increases the quality of the subscriber even though it may result in lower opt-in rates.You can go for confirmed opt-in if you wish as it’s not really mandatory to do that but I just prefer it that way.

Ok, let’s move on to step 2.

Step2: Connect the Landing Pages with the List

First, we need to copy our “Thank You” page URLΒ and keep it in a notepad.Now go back to Getreponse and click on “Create Form” button in the dashboard.

Select the “Plain HTML” from the available four options and you’ll see a bunch of HTML codes below.



As shown in the above image, Select your campaign and then check “Add to the cycle on day” so that your subscribers can receive emails from you that you already loaded or are going to load in the autoresponder cycle.

After that, make sure to check the “Custom Thank-you page URL” and enter your own thank you page link in it that we pasted in a notepad. Now you need to copy the HTML code and paste it on a notepad file as well so you won’t lose it.

Go ahead and open your opt-in page editor (Instabuilder in this case).




As shown in the above image, Click the opt-in box and then click the little gear icon – a panel will appear and from that, you need to click the first option “Opt-in Form HTML Code”.

Now enter your HTML code that you saved in the notepad file and click the “Process” button to save it.



Phew! Done!
We’ve successfully linked the Getresponse campaign with the opt-in and TY page.Fun Stuff :p

Okay, let’s move on to our next step which is…

Step3: Create a Welcome Email and add follow-ups

Just hover over the “Messages” tab on the top and click “Create Autoresponder”



Enter your message name and subject.



Select the “Start from Scratch” option in the top-left corner and select “Blank Template” from the options presented to you.You’ll be now in email creation stage with drag and drop elements.Just drag and drop the “Text Block” to the left side and start editing it as per your needs.

As I have already shown in the video – just write the welcome email and click “Next Step” and you’ll be back to the first page.Just click “Finish” button and you are done adding your first welcome email.Easy…isn’t it?

Now onto next step…

Step4: Add more follow-up emails

This process is similar to adding your email.Just change the day to 1 and you’ll be sending the email you create on the following day to the subscriber – easily done as shown in the video.

Everything is pretty much done now and all we need to is Drive Traffic.YES! I know you are really waiting for the traffic section to begin and I am as excited as you too. Β πŸ˜‰

So Next Part will be about Driving the Traffic and an awesome offer to work with! – Using this offer and promoting it alone will make you a lot of monehhhh… :p

I don’t want to give away everything in this post haha :p

Make sure you keep an eye here and on profitnotch youtube channel for the next update and most probably I’ll do it within this week.

Thanks for reading – You are Awesome!






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