How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – Part4



Hope you enjoyed the video. I have shown you few traffic sources but the easiest one to get started with is solo ads.
Really, it’s the best way to get your feet wet in online business.

You might have questions like:

“What is Solo Ads?”
“Why Solo Ads?”

Let me answer both these questions one by one.


“What is Solo Ads?”

I am not going to give a complex explanation here. When you buy a Solo ad from someone, you are simply tapping into an email list of an established marketer.

Suppose, you have purchased a Solo Ad from me. I have a really good email list and you want to tap into my subscribers who I engage with on a daily basis. You’ll pay me according to the traffic you want. You can specify any number of clicks which is “guaranteed” to deliver by me. You will then give me your website link that you want my subscribers to go to and I’ll make sure you get the exact or more clicks to your website. This is Solo Ad.

The beauty of it is that you can have a “guaranteed” amount of the traffic you gonna receive which is great compared to Facebook ads or any other paid traffic sources out there.


“Why Solo Ads?”

I believe Solo Ads is the best way to get traffic related to Bizopp, MLM, MMO niches if you are into that.

Solo Ads generally costs anywhere from $0.35 to $2. I believe anyone who is selling clicks above $0.75 is overpriced and expensive, so you don’t have to do that. There are people selling solo ad clicks for like below $0.2. $0.15 etc and let me tell you that those are botted or fake traffic generated and it’ll not get you anywhere. Anything below $0.35 is crap and I suggest you don’t bother with those types.

As I said, it is really targetted because the people in the list of good vendors are very much interested in making money online. Hence, you get good quality targetted traffic for “make money online” type of offers.

It is a great way to build an email list fast.

Now, I have told you about the traffic you can get started with and from now I’ll talk to you about how you are going to make money with!


How To Make Money With Solo Ads?

First, let me ask you this:

Will a stranger buy from you right away as soon as you show them a product you are promoting?

Most people won’t because they simply don’t know who you are. It’s the same while building a list. When someone joins your list for the first time, even though that guy is interested in making money online, won’t buy anything first up. Some of them do but I am talking about the majority here.

Now, instead of promoting something that requires people to buy at the start, why not promote something that’ll give you commissions just for getting free signups? You tell them that they can make money/learn to make money in a particular website and there is no reason that people won’t signup since the registration is free.

I am talking about an offer called “Yoonla”.

Remember this: Our main goal here is to build a list and recoup the traffic cost that we spent on solo ads as soon as possible.

Yoonla enables me to do exactly that. I purchase Solo Ad – send them a free pdf on yoonla – they register for free- I make $2 – $4 depending on their location and of course, I am building a list which is my main goal here.

Some of you have some questions like why’d they pay this much for a free signup?

Well, people signup to their Phase One program initially which is free and Reno Van Boven (founder of Yoonla) knows how to convert those members into his customers in the back-end which enables him to pay us this much.

Our opportunity doesn’t end here. We can have them upgraded to VIP to access this same CPA program I am using i.e access to the program where one can get paid for bringing in free signups. And when a guy upgrades to VIP, you get $15 as a commission as well.

You cannot access to their CPA program unless you are a VIP member and this is also one of their income source as and I’ll break down that.

You don’t have to buy a membership in Yoonla to access VIP – then how to become VIP you ask?

When you log in to Yoonla, you will be shown some tools that are required to become a VIP member.

Click Here to Join Yoonla First!

First, log in to your member’s dashboard and click that Big Blue Button where it says Custom Setup:

custom setup button



Click that and you’ll be on the page where you can get the requirements to be a VIP and access their awesome CPA program.

Browse down a little bit, you’ll see 3 steps to complete:



You’ll need to purchase Yahoo Aabaco hosting through this link and you’ll also receive $100 bing advertising credit with it! Let me know if you got access to that and I’ll show you how to create campaigns the right way 🙂

By joining through this link, Yoonla makes a commission from Yahoo and it is one way they get paid which is justified as they are providing so much value giving access to their awesome CPA program. Basically, this is the only main step that is mandatory and rest of the steps are you going to take anyway in your online business.





The second step is that you need to get an autoresponder service, If you already have an established Getresponse account, you don’t need to buy it. If you don’t have one, purchase the $15/month option which is the basic option in Getresponse. I use GR myself and I can happily recommend it to anyone as they are super easy to use with a great instant support! Now if you have one, then you can skip this step and move to the 3rd one.





You just need to enter the form with the details of Yahoo hosting and your Getresponse details to set your custom setup up!

Here’s the form that you need to fill up:



  1. Enter your First Name and Last Name
  2. Your email that you registered with Yoonla and not any new one
  3. Your Yahoo Aabaco domain name (you get this for free with Yahoo hosting)
  4. Enter Yahoo Aabaco username
  5. Your Yahoo Aabaco password 

(username and password so that they can set it up for you. You can change the password once they get the custom setup up. – this takes 24-48 hours)

6. Your Yahoo Aabaco Order id ( so that they know you purchased it using their link and verify)
7. Your Getresponse Order id

If you already have an established account then just enter the old order id that you received in your email.

8. Your Getresponse API key 

You can locate your API key by going to “My Account” and select the API and Oath option and there you’ll find your key. Just enter that in this field.

9. Referrer Affiliate Id

Here you’ll enter affiliate id of the person that referred you to Yoonla. In this case, that’s me 😉
Just enter this code in there: 59685facaa7b2

That’s it! You’ll get your custom setup and CPA program access within 48 hours max. PLEASE, make sure to double check the details before you submit as wrong information can really cause delays.

If you want to join Yoonla, then Click Here

Now, when you get your access to CPA program, you’ll be given a link which you’ll be using to promote 🙂

AGAIN, our main aim is to build a list and recoup the traffic cost which can be easily done with Yoonla. You can earn money with Yoonla alone but it won’t be life-changing. Let’s say if you want to make $5000/month, you need at least 1250 leads of $4 every month. That is achievable if you know what you are doing but for beginners, I think getting that amount of leads can be daunting.

What you need is a back-end HighTicket recurring product that can make you money every month and also your list will love it if you are going to promote it.

I use a network called Four Percent which is by far the best training and earning system that is available right now.

Now, if you are a beginner or you been around Internet Marketing but are overwhelmed with all the shiny things especially need a good training + the right guidance on which way to go and crush it!

It costs $49/month. Thinking that is expensive?
Change your perception – $49/month is equal to $1.63 per day. Can’t you afford that if this can change your life totally? Can’t you set aside $1.63 every day for something that can do a complete 180-degree turn of your financial state?

I learned everything I know about marketing from Four Percent through their training by actual experts who are not all talk and I highly recommend it and by referring people I am making the $25/month recurring commission. This is the best product to follow up with your Yoonla subscribers as well 🙂

And  Four Percent has totally cool thing called MSI i.e Multiple Streams of Income where you plug in all the affiliate URL in the system and the person you refer will be buying them (things like domains, autoresponder, click tracker etc. which they need anyway) and you get to make the commission on them as well. It seriously adds up!

IF you are not yet convinced, then I will ask you to get inside and if you didn’t resonate the vision with Four Percent, you can refund the amount within 3 day period. They have a 3 day refund period – so there is no risk to you, 3 days are enough for someone to decide if you like it or not!

By the way, this post is not about pitching anything and I am not selling anything here. Both Yoonla and Four Percent is something that I personally use and I am achieving great results with it and that is why I can back both the system.

You can join Four Percent Here

I highly highly recommend watching the Video “How to START RIGHT for Beginners” under Webinar Replays section and Operation $100k inside the Business section once you are inside.

When you join my team, shoot me an email or add me on facebook and I’ll be more than happy to guide you to start the right way 🙂

In the video, I have shown a small coaching program that I offered but it is not open as of now. If you are interested, you can add me on Facebook or shoot me an email with [email protected] or [email protected] or just use the Contact Page in this blog.

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That’s about it peeps for this post and I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment about your opinion or have any questions regarding this post.

Thanks for reading.

You Are Awesome!



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