How to Make Money With Twitter and ClickBank – Easy

I hope you enjoyed this video from Brendan.

I don’t think there is much to explain with this method BUT some people may get issues like getting their twitter accounts banned or blocked.I will breakdown how to do this so that the ban chances of your account(s) are extremely low.

Let’s recap the content of the video real quick:

In this video, Brendan shows you how to make money with twitter and clickbank the easy way (can be used with cpa offers as well…will get back into it later.). Simply, he finds a problem that is faced by people on twitter and searches a product related to that particular problem on clickbank and gets the link to promote it.He goes back to twitter and posts that affiliate link(shortened link) to the comments section of their tweet and thus getting their attention.They clicks the link and know that there is a solution out there and buys the product earning you commissions for that sale.Simple and Sweet – little bit of manual work involved but ofcourse as in the later part of the video, it is shown how to outsource and automate the whole process as well.
I guess that is it for the recap and now its time to break down the method and make it easier for you to do this 😉

Let’s DO IT!

Making Money with Twitter and Clickbank

Step 1 – Niche
You have to decide a niche which is generally a problem faced by people out there.In the video, it was shyness and smoking and there is no reason why you can’t choose them.If you are having trouble finding a niche(a problem) then just fly to clickbank marketplace and see the self-help section and you’ll find more than plenty :p – that was easy.

Step 2 – Twitter Account(s) and affiliate Link
Ofcourse you need twitter account and an affiliate link buddy .Why am i even writing this? lol

Step 3 – Find Statuses on Twitter to promote.
As shown in the video you just need to enter your keyword in double quotes -http://

“Shyness” -http://

The reason why the keyword is in double quotes is – by doing that you’ll find the exact keyword used in the tweets that you want to target.Here it is one word so it doesn’t matter but if you use a multiple word keyword then this becomes important like “i am shy” or “stop being shy” etc.
-http:// is used so that you can find tweets that has no links in them to avoid other marketers like you who are doing the same or similar method.Make sure you just don’t use one keyword, try multiple variations of keywords as shown in the video.

Step 4: Just kidding..there is no step 4 haha….ok don’t hate me that was a joke -_-

More Ways to Make Money with Twitter

As you saw you can do it with clickbank but there are more ways to make money with twitter with this same exact method.How? CPA offers! You can use both leads and trial offers with them.I don’t really recommend doing CPL offers that pays per lead as its low for the amount of manual work you are going to do in this method…my recommendation would be Trial offers that pays you nice commission while the cost of person would be like just $1-5 (which pays you $30-50 range) . There are plenty of networks who have these kind of offers like peerfly,maxbounty,nutracash,market health – just to name a few.

There are plenty of niches out there that you can target and make some quick sales.Again, just browse through offers and products on clickbank to find more than plenty to work upon.

If you have some money in your pocket then you can easily outsource this manual work and watch sales/leads coming in hands-free.You can go to and hire someone for cheap to start the process and ofcourse as shown in the video send them to this post and they’ll know what to do.I know you might be thinking what if they steal this method and do it themselves? Naah don’t worry about that,they are quite loyal when it comes to work and they are not really inspired by creating an online business themselves as they are quite happy working for can even have an interview on skype or chat with them to find the correct one..ususally you shouldn’t have any problem.

How Not to Get Banned on Twitter Promoting Links


  • Do not spam tweets/statuses with your links as it’l get you banned quickly! Do it slowly at first especially if your account is new.
  • Use link-shortners like or in a limit.If you have your own domain then use that to redirect to your affiliate link.If you don’t have one get a cheap one for a buck or two.
  • If you are using multiple accounts (more than 5),then it is good to use a proxy to avoid getting banned.

That’s about it with this easy method to make some quick commissions.

I Highly recommend building an Email List whenever possible so that the buyer/visitor stays with you.What is a List you ask? I have a whole article that shows the importance of building a list.Click Here to check it out!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post and got some value in it and i believe you’ll take action on it and let me know the results 🙂 There is not much resource or any cost involved to try out this method, so there is no reason not to take any action on this!

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