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Create a $522 per hour Side Hustle!

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100% Risk Free — 100% Money-Back Guarantee

RHIMS 5.0 is ideal for any beginner affiliate marketer who is not making money online. You get clear instructions on how to implement this strategy which removes so many obstacles.

I would highly recommend you try this, especially as it comes with an iron-clad money back guarantee!


What Do You Get?

Training Quality

This is top quality training. The videos tutorials are direct and to the point. There is NO fluff and very simple to follow. You can't get confused with this at all.

100% Support & Guidance

JayKay provides incredible support, and no one is left behind. If you have any issues, then you are covered. You can post your questions on his 10x Mastermind FB group and he responds every single time.

Cost - One Time

The value for money is INSANE. The launch price is so under-priced. It WILL increase after the launch phase at the end of 2nd November.

100% Beginner-Friendly

This is one of the simplest and beginner-friendly ways to build an online business. You can get started very fast & easily.

There's absolutely no guesswork involved in here.

Proven & Simple Strategy

JayKay has multiple case studies (a lot) to prove that this strategy really does work. This is a proven strategy and it works like a charm.

I do this myself and I vouch for this course. If you know me, you know I don't do this for everything.

Step-by-Step Videos

The entire training consists of video lessons and over the shoulder tutorials. Everything is step-by-step and crystal-clear actionable steps.

You also get 3 full blown case studies where JayKay shows you exactly how he did the launch jack and made thousands of dollars!

Good vs Bad

Here are some of the good and bad points about this training:


  • VERY easy to implement.
  • FREE traffic and sales.
  • Only 1 hour work per day needed.
  • No technical skills needed.
  • ZERO budget required.
  • Upsells are actually very helpful.


  • NOT "quick cash"
  • You will need to learn some simple skills.
  • You have to be willing to "go for it".


OTO #1: Inboxxr - $1 Trial (7 Days) & Then $29.95/Month

Inboxxr is a premium email marketing membership that includes advanced training on how to leverage email lists to sell more, grow more, and become a more successful marketer. No specific to only affiliate marketers, the lessons inside Inboxxr apply to students who want to sell their own courses, etc. Inboxxr costs $29.95/mth to join, but this offer gives students 7-day total access for just $1.

OTO #2: RHIMS Bundle - $67 One Time

Get the entire bundle of RHIMS 1-4 for just $67 (normally $47 each). Students from the entire RHIMS series will discover how to make their first 100 sales, how to create a path to conversion, how to leverage the affiliate toolkit for lead capture, how to use email marketing to add more sales to their campaigns, and how to use Microsoft ads as an evergreen traffic source. Save $121 instead of paying for each edition ala carte.

OTO #3: Launch Jack Fast Track - $97 One Time

The launch-jack fast-track addon gives customers a huge advantage over other affiliates. The fast-track addon includes pre-made affiliate campaigns for some of the top-selling products that JayKay Dowdall has launch-jacked. Customers can use the same emails, review pages, and bonuses that JayKay has offered in the past to fast-track their sales and earn a reputation as an affiliate. The fast-track also includes 5 additional case studies showing how each of these launch-jacks ran and what made them successful.

My Exclusive RHIMS 5.0 Bonuses Included For You:

(No Random Value Assigned)

Youtube SEO For Launch Jacking

I started my affiliate journey with Launch Jacking and I know how to rank your videos on Youtube and potentially Google as well. Even though, JayKay goes through Youtube SEO himself in RHIMS 5, this is created by me and it will be an additional bonus with more added tips to get people watch your review videos and make you commissions!

My Email Automation Template.

You already have an email list OR you don't have one.
It doesn't matter as you WILL be building a highly targeted email list following RHIMS 5 and this is where my automation template comes in. I will share my personal email sequence template here which you can import on your Getresponse account OR copy on your own autoresponder to make your life easier creating future launch jacking campaigns.

My Personal Course Access

This is not even complete yet BUT will be done in next 2 weeks. If you get RHIMS 5 from here, you'll get beta access to my own course to be released in 2 weeks time. You'll have all the knowledge to get the affiliate marketing journey going for you and just copy what I am doing. This course will keep updating according to my experience and your feedback.
I will be sharing what am I exactly doing to generate commissions online. Pretty sure you'll love this!

"Alternative" Launch Jacking

JayKay shows you all the ins and outs of the Launch Jacking but there's another different way to do it. You can easily 

This bonus can seriously help you to do your Launch Jacking in overdrive mode and build your email list quickly!

Free Custom Bonus #5:

You Get Exclusive Access To:

My Private Inner Circle Group

You'll get access to the private inner circle Facebook group where I do my own tutorials and do my best to answer your questions and solve all the problems you have individually!

Unlike others, I don't leave you hanging once you make purchase through me. Here's what Des says:


Premium Bonus:

Worth Over $297/Month

When You Buy RHIMS 5.0 Today: You Get Me As Your Mentor

  • 100% Guidance & Control - Safe & Honest
  • No, I Am NOT Gonna Make You Buy A "Pro Version Software"
  • I Genuinely Want To Help, And I Have Access To Hundreds Of Tutorial Videos Which Will Transform The Way You Progress!
  • 100% Custom & Tailored Bonus

I can honestly say this is one of the best training that I have ever come across.

I have personally spent thousands of dollars on trainings to try and make money online, and none of them came close to the quality and value for money you will get inside RHIMS 5.0.

RHIMS 5.0 Has A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So, for you, it's...

100% Risk Free:

You Literally Have Nothing To Lose Here!

100% Risk-Free: take a look with your own two eyes and uncover this blueprint.

You'll be able to get your bonuses instantly after purchasing the product. Click the "Access Affiliate Bonus" button to get access to above mentioned bonuses. (Refer to image below)

Note: If you have trouble accessing your bonuses or have any other trouble, please email me at abhi@profitnotch.com and I'll take care of it. :)