Don't Buy Solo Ads! Why? Watch This:

What do you think?

Now you know the real truth about solo ads.

I learned this the hard way and I just want you to use your money in a better way to get those affiliate sales and commissions in a profitable way :)

Most of you, if not all, are not profitable with solo ads.

Most of you, if not all, are simply looking to see that first sale (profitable sale) and buy solo ads with nothing but hope.

And then endlessly refreshing that affiliate dashboard of yours to see some numbers other than the 0.00

I've been there.

Almost all the affiliate training even teach you to get solo ads to get those leads and sales and I tell you, please don't do that! Please save your money.


I am running this page as an ad and I am going to recommend you something (and maybe even save your money from solo ads).

Doesn't matter you are in your 40s or 50s, you can make money doing this running ultra simple ads on Google or MS ads.

You are not going to build a list this way but hear me out... this is what I am doing.

At first, I run these simple ads with huge ROI.

Then, I re-invest the profits to create a lead generation campaign with search ads.

Basically, I am using a chunk of profits from the earlier campaign into a new campaign to build my email list with targeted keywords that are looking for what I am promoting in my niche.

That's basically free profits and the sale I make this way is pure profit!

You can do if you want to build your list.

Or you can simply keep adding more simple campaigns and make profits like these:

and these are not my all time results. These are very recent results (last 7 days).

Would you like to know my total adspend, profits, Roi and all that good stuff?

Well, you can check this Google Doc here where I constantly update my new results!

The point is, with those huge ROI profits (check the doc), I can now invest in new campaigns in my niche (BizOpp/MMO) to generate leads. And I am making sales that way too! - almost building my business for free :)

And all of this was possible because I watched this training... 👇

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