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Welcome to Profit Notch.I am Abhijith Nair (Hard to pronounce…eh? ) just call me Abhi ๐Ÿ˜€ .I am 24 years old and I am from India.I’ve been making money online since past 2 years… and yeah I am a cool guy to hang out with ๐Ÿ˜‰

When I discovered there is money to be made online (and that too big money) – I decided to make a living out of it.I started this blog to share information, new ways to make money and help you get that first sale or lead in this internet marketing space.



When I first found about internet marketing – I got hooked on it! My primary interest is Affiliate Marketing and of-course build a Quality list of subscribers.

I started to make money with CPA(Cost Per Action) using youtube as my main traffic source.I then expanded it to Facebook ads along-with youtube.Right now I am on track to increase my revenue, build a list and yea help others make money.

Let me tell you my story.

I first searched google about making money online when the financial condition of my family wasn’t great at all.My dad had a debt of around $9k and that was a huge sum of money.In India, $9k is a HUGE sum and we had no idea how to pay that off.The debt collectors came to my house often and my dad used to hide from them.

You know it wasn’t greatest of theย situation to be in but we managed to hold on.It was in 2013 when I searched on google for the term “make money online” and guess where i landed? PTC sites lol… well I didn’t know much about marketing then ofcourse and tried clicking those ads for pennies.I got paid around $0.25 via PayPal.That amount might seem stupidly low(and it is) but I was really happy and happy for the fact that making money online is not a myth at all.

I wandered around all over the internet and finally found a way to get paid for a lead i.e. CPA marketing.I consumed every information that was out there at that point of time to learn it,ย didn’t get a single lead in like 6 months.I was on the verge of giving up but finally succeeded in getting my very first lead.A lead that paid me $14.The minimum payment of the network was $50 so I hustled hard without any investment at all and made it in like 4 months. (Dang! looong time… )

And there was it! My very first payment of $50 sitting there in the PayPal.You wouldn’t know how happy I was back then!! I still get goosebumps thinking about that.Since then I never looked back… I used youtube to earn that and continued that way investing the money to fasten the results and it paid off! $75 the next payment and then a direct jump to $200 something.I started making $100-250 per day with just youtube and my CPA videos on autopilot.I made more than $15k with those videos and helped my dad to pay off his debt along-with taking care of my own stuff.

BUTย I became lazy and never worked hard until the day my videos got deleted and my earnings went down to zero.I realized that you got to work in order to have that freedom and I started working again but the results weren’t coming.Videos started to get deleted within a week and it really shattered me.I already had used up the money I had on my education and to help dad.So I was there back to zero.I had to start from zero.

After few months, learning about affiliate marketing and CPA marketing, I was there again and this time with youtube and facebook ads both.I never looked back since then.I am not a millionaire but yes I make money online and have a passive income stream sending me money into my PayPal account time to time.

I have learned a lot and now I want to share my knowledge and my experiences with you guys and that is the motive behind starting ProfitNotch.com.If you are waiting for a sign then THIS IS IT! Start Learning and applying whatever you want to do. Go ahead and reach out to me.I will leave my personal email below in this post.


No Hype.Great Content!
I am going to post great content here which works and there is no reason why you cannot make it online if you follow the tutorials or use the information i share.Ofcourse you can get in touch with me using the Contact Form or just mailing me if you need any help.. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

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