How To Build An Email List For Affiliate Marketing

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Email Marketing is a very important part of your business or should I say that your Email List IS YOUR BUSINESS?

Yep and I have created this video with total beginners in mind and I have discussed following in the video above:

  • 3 Models that People use in their marketing efforts. 
  • The best model that people should use to increase their email marketing results, their open rates and click rates.
  • How they should write their emails and set their email sequence for the best of the results.
  • Traffic Sources for beginners
  • Tools required for Email Marketing

The key element to increase your conversions is a value series and it was such a revelation to me... you should apply this strategy for yourself and I can confidently say that you'll get better results than now with your business.

Personally, I use Getresponse to build my list and others like Aweber or Convertkit are great too. I can recommend you using Getresponse as I use that myself. You can get a 30-day Free trial with Getresponse here if you want.

And about the traffic sources I mentioned inside the video:

You can check Udimi by clicking here and Jaszdeep Solos by clicking here.

Btw, the above links are my affiliate links and if you use it to buy anything, I get paid and it supports this website and my work. It's upto you ofcourse if you want to buy through it 🙂 [If you used my link to register on udimi, you'll receive a $5 credit on your account for free 🙂 ]

Hopefully, You enjoyed this video and if you did, please make sure you leave a comment here as it'll motivate me to create more content such as this!

Have a fantastic and productive day ahead,
Abhi 😉

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