Anthony Morrison Ambassador Club Review

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In this post, I am going to do Anthony Morrison's Ambassador Club Review. I'll be as honest as possible with you guys about this program and will also share my personal results that I got with the program.

So let's get started...

What Is Anthony Morrison's Ambassador Club?

ambassador club logo

Here's what you get with the Ambassador Program/Club:

  • Ability to make commissions on the full ecosystem. (Hight Ticket + Recurring + MSI)
  • Ability to make multiple streams of income.
  • Training on how to setup your funnels.
  • Training on how to get traffic

When you promote a product, you basically can make a percentage i.e a commission only the first time and possibly on the upsells as well... right?

What's after that?

You have to send more traffic to get more sales. And the cycle repeats.

Now, the product vendor/owner has this huge list of customers that they can sell their other products including the subscription model or high ticket products that they have in the "Back-End" which you normally don't get commissions for.

But with the Ambassador Club, you get access to the whole Anthony Morrison's back-end or eco-system to leverage.

Leverage Full Back-End Ecosystem

anthony morrison members portal

Above image shows the full suite of products that Anthony have in his arsenal.

Simply put, once you sell any of the above product of Anthony, if that person buys any other product in future, you get paid for that as well.

For example, There's another product called Partner With Anthony that I actively promote and I am also in the Ambassador Club as well.

So when people purchase Partner With Anthony, they go through the training and inside that training, there are several "recommendations" and if people get it, I'd make commissions for that as well - recurring and high ticket šŸ™‚

Important note:

You don't get access to all the products. You just have the ability to make commissions on all of them.

Is that all?

Nope... there's more.

Ambassador Club Training

You get the whole training on how to set up your business and funnels to make high ticket commissions inside. Here's what Ambassador program training dashboard looks like:

Ambassador Club Training Area

Each session has multiple set of video tutorials and resources that you can watch and follow along.

By the way, this is Ambassador Club version 2. It's new and that's why there's only 8 sessions. New sessions are being added in there which is nice!

There's also a session at the end where you can add your own funnel/affiliate link inside their rotator. This will get you traffic from their own marketing efforts. Atleast that's what they say in there.

In my opinion, don't expect much (and you shouldn't) about making sales from this rotator thing as I haven't made any with it and I get barely get any traffic. It could be because there could be a lot of links in the rotator.

Tip: What's A Rotator?

A rotator is a click delivery tool that takes incoming clicks and sends them to one or more URLs.

Rotators are typically used to distribute clicks to people.

So in this case, if 100 people add their affiliate links in Anthony's rotator and if Anthony sends 100 clicks to that "rotator link", each of those link will get 1 click each.

If it's 1000 clicks, each of those 100 links will get 10 clicks and so on...

Done-For-You Funnels And Emails

When you go through the Ambassador training, Anthony will provide DFY funnels for you to use so you don't have to create one from scratch.

He also provides emails for you to use to add to your email sequence. If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it as everything is covered inside step-by-step.

That being said, I highly encourage you to learn everything inside and start creating your own funnels as well. If you are just getting started, you can use the DFY stuff.

Ambassador Multiple Streams Of Income

Apart from the high-ticket and recurring commissions, you'll be able to leverage the Ambassador training itself to generate multiple streams of income.

Inside the training sessions, Anthony recommends certain tools that can be used to set up his DFY funnels and emails. All those tools will have your affiliate links incorporated so that you make recurring monthly commissions.

I haven't promoted the Ambassador program actively BUT I do promote PWA as I mentioned above and it has the same multiple income stream option and here are my results with those:

Build Redirects commissions
Getresponse commissions
clickfunnels commissions

Note: Again. all the above results/sales are NOT from the Ambassador but from another program by Anthony. It's included so I showcased it here.

Ambassador Traffic Training

I have to be honest here.

The main traffic that Anthony recommends inside the Ambassador training is to use Solo ads.

Personally, I think newbies who don't understand how to drive traffic will find it easy to use this traffic source BUT it's hard to make profits from it.

There are Pros and Cons to Solo ads but I believe the Cons outweigh the Pros. It's just my personal opinion and it could be profitable for you if you know how to use it.

Anthony recommends his main source for you to buy called "The Fast Traffic Source" and I found it low quality traffic. I have much better contacts who provide excellent traffic if I am to use solo ads.

If you ever want to get solos, let me know and I'll share the list with you.

That's all there is for the traffic training and honestly, not so great but if you learn how to drive Facebook ads or Google ads or even free strategies like creating videos on Youtube, then I believe the Ambassador program will get you much better results and profits.

I'll guide you on this if you need any help.

One more thing...

Anthony has 216 email follow-up emails apart from your own email sequence. That means, if you get a lead on the funnel or even a sale, Anthony has his own series of emails that promotes various products and YOU get the benefit for them as well.

I think that is pretty cool!

Let's check my results:

My Results

Here's a screenshot of the commissions that I made with Ambassador:

ambassador sales screenshot

As you can see, I have got a couple of sales with the Ambassador program.

I didn't even make an effort to promote it. All I did was, gave away the webinar link on a bonus page for a product promo that I did. That's all šŸ™‚

One of the sales came from the "Partner With Anthony" ecosystem as well. You saw the income screenshots from Getresponse, Clickfunnels, and Build Redirects.

Here is an example of someone crushing it with the program:

Anthony Morrison Ambassador Club Result

This shows that the model works really well and you can take advantage of that.

Alright, time for...

Pricing & Upsells

Fortunately, there are no upsells for the Anthony Morrison Ambassador Program.

About the pricing, it's about $1,500 right now for Lifetime and it could change in the future.

The good thing is that I might be able to get a $500 discount for the lifetime option but no promises.

If you want to check if the discount is available, please email me at and I'll see if I could hook you up with the discount. Please only email me if you are serious.

Here's the webinar link in the button below if you want to watch what you are getting exactly and then before buying, contact me šŸ™‚

My Thoughts

I believe that the Ambassador program and the eco-system that it built around works really well and if you are someone who has a budget for traffic or has a good following already, then by all means, get it!

If you are someone who doesn't have a good enough budget for traffic or doesn't have a following, I think you should avoid this šŸ™‚

However, I do recommend getting into Anthony's Partner With Anthony program as it's very affordable ($7/month) and you can start from there. I started myself from there šŸ™‚

You can checkout the review for PWA here.

So that's my take on the Anthony Morrison Ambassador Program and I hope you enjoyed my review here.

I'll see you next time 


- Abhi

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