Perpetual Income 365 Review – Is It Just A Waste Of Money?

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Hey it's Abhi here and today I am going to review Shawn Josiah's Perpetual Income 365 software and training.

I am going to cover the most important things that you need to know about this program, including:

1. Is it a scam or does it really work?
2. How does it really works.
3. The pros and cons.
4. How much you can expect to spend if you buy it (WAY more than you think).
5. And if there’s better alternatives (in my opinion, there IS a BETTER option, but more on that later).

Quick Overview Of Perpertual Income 365

  • Name: Perpetual Income 365
  • Product Creator: Shawn Josiah
  • Pricing: $9/month, then it goes over $500 in upsells.
  • What's it about? Affiliate Marketing - specifically they just teach you to promote Perpetual income 365 to other people.
  • Is it a scam? No, but that doesn't mean it's good and personally I don't like it.
  • Rating: 1/5

Do I Recommend Perpetual Income 365? NO:

There are a lot of issues with this program. Some main ones are as follows:

  • $9 price point is just the start and you need to spend like $500+ to even get started with this. 
  • The program only teaches you to promote itself (kinda like pyramid scheme?)

 I believe there are FAR better ways to build your affiliate business than just mindlessly spending your hard earned money of these types of programs. 

Are There Any Better Alternatives? YES! (More info on that below).

Back To Perpetual Income 365 Review:

Summary of the program:

Perpertual Income 365 is essentially a landing page creator software with training videos designed to teach you to make money promoting digital products online. 

All that's taught inside is to create landing pages and buy low-quality solo ad traffic which hardly ever converts. If you are buying solo ads from anyone, just stop as they are a trap.

I have created a video entirely on solo ads and you can watch it here:

Did you watch the video?

Here's an image where Shawn recommends you to buy solo ads from his so called "5-6 figure email list"

Only one who is getting benefit out of this is Shawn himself and this will cost you 100s of dollars every time you purchase traffic.

If you purchase traffic for say $100 and you make a sale of $50, you are in red + the email subs you are going to generate are going to be pretty much unresponsive. Truth is you'll just keep purchasing traffic and will make some sales here and there which encourages to buy more, but at the end of the day, you are still in red.

Anyways, let's talk about the pricing now...

Perpetual Income 365 Pricing And Upsells

The main Front end pricing is $9 plus there's a surprise for you here:

So basically, $9 is a trial price and you are signing up for the $47/month membership fee every month until you cancel.

Then there's a range of long and annoying upsells:

  • $197 upsell known as Turbo Charged Perpetual Income 365.
  • $297 upsell for Email ATM.
  • $127 upsell for a Perpetual Income Multiplier.
  • $99 a month upsell of Get Response (Autoresponder for emails) that is required.
  • Then there is the option to buy traffic from none other than Shawn himself (could cost $100s extra).
  • Total: $100s and potentially even over $1,000.

All things combined, you have to spend a lot, and Shawn makes a lot of money from this in the process. Then if you DO make money from promoting this program, Shawn makes even more money since everyone you refer/make sales from goes through the same funnel.


1. You can make money with this opportunity.


  1. Completely misled (small cost to enter, then massive upsell after upsell).
  2. I do not like the self promotional nature of this program.
  3. I have no confidence in this program.
  4. In my affiliate experience, email marketing is not super beginner friendly and not as easy as it sounds like he makes up to be.
  5. I have 0 trust in Shawn’s traffic services (I stay away from these offers personally because I know about how to generate traffic + I have checked his seller's profiles on other networks like Warriorplus and out of 38k something sales, he only has 1.9 average rating out of 5).

Any Alternatives?


It's called Taking Action Online aka TAO.

Why Taking Action Online Is My Top Choice?

Taking Action Online is a pure education portal that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing the right way. TAO is created by Philip Borrowman and I admire him very much as he says things as it is. He doesn't show you the sunshine and rainbows - all in all, he is just an honest person teaching honest and ethical affiliate marketing.

Here's why TAO is better than Perpetual Income 365:

  1. Access to this free micro-course here (no CC needed)
  2. Completely transparent and honest.
  3. Teaches you A-Z of affiliate marketing including creating websites, driving free traffic, doing videos, weekly trainings, bootcamps and tons more.
  4. Better on YOUR wallet. $67/month gets you full training.
  5. 180-Day Implementation Plan - Philip has created a crystal clear roadmap for you to reach that $100/day mark with affiliate marketing.
  6. It has tons of success stories and way more than perpetual income 365
  7. More flexibility - Build an online business on YOUR passions. You don't have to promote TAO to achieve success and infact, you simply CANNOT promote it. Only a select handful of people can promote it who proved their worth following the program and made money with it.
  8. 4.9 on TrustPilot (more than 100 reviews)
  9. You can directly talk to Philip himself if you need help! - This is BIG!
  10. And there's so much more...

Bottom line: You don't have to invest any crazy money with TAO (or in general to succeed with affiliate marketing)

Taking Action Online (TAO) works, but it is not a get rich scheme.

It will teach you how to build a REAL online business that will help you to achieve that $100/Day mark and beyond if you actually out the training into practice.

And I want to see you do just that!

Once you are in, you can contact me at and avail my personal support and coaching to help you along your journey!

Thanks for reading my opinion on Perpetual Income 365 and if there are ANY questions, feel free to ask them on the comments section below.

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