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RHIMS 6 Review


RHIMS 6 Review:

Hey it's Abhi here and welcome to the RHIMS 6 review.

I'll talk about the product in detail, the upsells, the pricing, the bonuses and everything in this RHIMS 6 review video.

So let's get right into it.

First up, let me tell you that the vendor of this product is JayKay Dowdall - one of the very few people who I trust and own every other edition of RHIMS.

So lets get right into the review.

Themembers dashboard of RHIMS 6 and pretty easy to navigate through the modules.

So the first section is where Jaykay introduces himself to you and just asks you to his 10x mastermind Facebook group.

In the second video, he gives you access to a Campaign Launch Checklist - this is the exact checklist that you'll fill out AND use to create your first campaign that will guarantee that you are going to get quality traffic.

And then in the next video, there is the 14 minute video that explains exactly what this "order-jacking" is and how exactly you are going to be making money with laser-focused targeting.

Now lets move on to this second module and here - you'll learn how to find affiliate offers which is obviously very important. APART from this tutorial, JayKay is also giving you Top 25 order-jack ready affiliate offers as a bonus - so you don't even have to work hard to find offers. Just pick one of them and get started.

Second video shows you how to research your keywords and also shows you a secret tool that gives you a lot of great keywords - now this is actually paid tool he mentions but you can also use it for free with limited results.

You can simply use, keyword planner, search suggestions or to find great question type and other higly relevant keywords just like Jaykay shows in here.

There are total of 3 keyword research videos sprinkled throughout the course to take verything step-by-step.

Alright, moving on, a very important video - Jaykay talks about finding that buyer's motive - finding the reason why people buy your offer - understanding your offer and taking advantage of it to make sales and commissions.

And then comes the second part of the keyword research and in this video, you'll learn to shortlist your keywords that you saved from the part 1 of the keyword research video. You are moving closer to those few very targeted keywords that will get you sales.

Next one is also a very valuable lesson where JayKay talks about the conversion mechanism. Well basically the landing page, the bridge page, the advertorial page that gets you sales. He shows you different types of landing pages and explains the whats and hows of it. Very important indeed.

In here, he gives you a link to RHIMS 4 which is a complete toolkit for any affiliate marketer that is designed to increase your conversions.

It costs $47 BUT if I were to recommend you, get it with the OTO #3 where you get all the editions of RHIMS for $97. Every RHIMS edition costs like $47 standalone but you can get this bundle offer for $97 when you are presented with it after you purchase the Front End. If you don't get in, it goes away and never comes back at that price range.

So keep that in mind.

Now, the written presell section has like 2 videos in there and he teaches you how to exactly presell your affiliate offer to get those very high conversions.

He also talks about preselling on your ads itself i.e adcopy. he gives you a pdf template/checklist where you'll be able to fill out your titles and call to action which really comes in handy when you create your campaign.

NOW comes the time to get that high converting traffic and also very cheap.

The traffic is Microsoft ads or Bing ads which is the BEST traffic source for Order-jacking.

And in the keyword research part 3, JayKay explain the 3 types of keyword targeting that you can do like Broad, Phrase, Exact and really talks in detail about this to make you fully understand that. Also talks about what kind of keyword type is best for order jacking.

In this Advanced tracking talking, he talks about how tracking works and why tracking can really help you nail the keyword that is working for you and really scale that profits you are making. This is NOT a full blown video where he teaches you how to track or how to scale as that is OTO #1 - Advanced Tracking. I believe if you are into paid ads, then tracking is very important for your campaigns and I highly recommend this upsell to learn about tracking - and it's $47.

In the search ads creatives section, he will give you access to the Ad creatives workbook that you can use to fill out headlines and descriptions based on the keyword that you are targeting. Very helpful indeed. He talks in very much detail about this in this video. So much value!

Finally comes this module of launching the campaign inside Microsoft ads and everything is done over-the-shoulder. You can copy him click by click while you are creating a campaign for your affiliate offer.

Now, the last modules i.e Nurturing the Campaign.

Once you start your campaign and you get traffic, it's important to optimize it to get the best results.

and that is what he discussed in all these videos in great detail. Optimzing the landing page, optimizing for the cost in the campaign, for the impression share, for the clikthrough rate... If you don't understand what the hell is this, don't worry - it's very easy to understand and do what Jaykay teaches in here.

Even if you don't understand what half of these words even mean, belive me, it's so easy to understand the way Jaykay teaches and equally easy to implement.

I loved this product so much that I even shot a video testimonial for JayKay even when he didn't ask me for it. That's how much I liked this product on a personal level and would 100% recommend this to any newbie even he doesn't understand what paid traffic is.

Now let's talk about the price, the upsells and the bonuses that you get if you take action on this launch!

So the FE price for RHIMS 6 is $27 for this launch phase i.e till December 16th. After that, it's going to be $47 just like other editions. JayKay doesn't do fake scarcity and so I highly recommend you to get it.

First upsell, OTO#1 is Advanced Tracking Conversion Lesson - As I said in this video, highly recommend you to learn tracking if you are doing search ads and I highly reccommend you to get this one. The cost is $47.

Upsell #2 is Inboxxr which is an email marketing training created by JayKay which is ofcourse highly valuable. it is a recurring offer that costs $29.95/month and you get a trial here for a dollar for seven days. If you want, you can check it out for the trial price but you don't really need it with Order jacking really.

Upsell #3, the final upsell is RHIMS Bundle Offer i.e you get RHIMS version 1-5 as a bundle for $97 which is HUGE value. You get to learn from funnels to emails to ads to free traffic to affiliate converion toolkit to everything that you really need as an affiliate marketer to be successful online. if you were to buy this outside of this offer, you will have to purchase it for $47 each.

If you want to get these for a one time bundle price, then get it here as if you pass this chance, you will not see this offer again, not even inside the members area.

That being said, you don't have to get any of these upsells to order jacking but I highly recommend the OTO #1 and the OTO #3. Atleast get OTO #1 as I feel it's very important for you to learn proper tracking for paid ads.

Now let's talk about the bonuses that JayKay is giving you!

1 - You get all the checklists that makes your campaign creation focused and very simple.

2 - You get Top-25 OrderJack Ready offers - so you don't have to even go searching for affiliate offers. Pick one and get started rightaway.

3 - A very valuable case-study which actually had a $67 entry fee before. And you get this over-the-shoulder case study where JayKay made $1500 with OrderJacking. Very valuable bonus indeed.

4 - Campaign Creation Workbooks - so that you can workon your keywords, titles, adcopies etc. - very handy to have.

5 - The very best of them all - you get a private ONE-on-ONE call with JayKay himself to discuss about your orderjacking campaign setup. This is an incredible value that you are getting as a bonus. And it's very limited and if you this bonus listed on the salespage, just get RHIMS 6 for this bonus alone - really!

and it has a 30-day money back guarantee. If you this doesn't work for you, get your money back. Seriously there is no more reason for you to not take action on this!


Now let me tell you something first. Most of the people out there gives you some random bonuses that has no connection with the product they are selling and I have no idea why people still buy from them?

Like you purchased the product to learn a specific strategy like Microsoft ads for example and you get a bonus for free traffic from Pinterest? Where's the connection? This is distracting for you.

What I'll do is I will NOT offer you some worthless bonuses. Instead, I'll give you my personal support if you have any questions regarding Order Jacking.

I will create custom videos for you if you are stuck with something or maybe even hop on a call with you if those are not enough.

You buy RHIMS 6 --> Watch it --> Get on a call with Jaykay to discuss everything and set your campaign up --> after that, contact me if you need any help via Skype, Fb or email and I'll personally help you with your questions.

How does that sound?

I think that is incredibly helpful for you.

So if you are in, click here and get RHIMS 6 now 🙂


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