December 22

How I went from ZERO to $65,749.62 with affiliate marketing


So how I made $65,749.62 in affiliate commissions?

It certainly wasn't an easy road. It was quite a journey really with a lots of ups and downs.

You can say one thing that I learned from this journey is the importance of being consistent with one thing. One offer, One traffic source and one everything.

Just focus and build that one thing and then you can branch out comfortably to other traffic sources or more funnels and offers etc.

So what I really did was narrow down on one particular offer as my core offer to promote first up and then build my email list and promote everything else in the follow-ups.

And to promote that core offer of mine, I needed a traffic source and I chose YouTube as my platform.

When I finally stopped jumping from one traffic source to another and actually started being consistent on YouTube, I saw results coming my way.

I am not saying you need to start a YouTube channel. What I'm saying is choose your platform be it Instagram, be it Facebook, be it YouTube or tiktok or whatever... just stay consistent with it and you'll start build a following. It'll happen naturally as long as you post quality content that helps people in some way consistently.

It's exactly the same with paid ad platforms. Choose one paid traffic source like YouTube ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, Microsoft/Bing ads or any ad platform. Learn more about it and become a student of that platform.

Now, here is a quick tip for you about the offer/products that you want to promote:

One thing that I learned is to promote actual good offers and not any offers. I've made mistakes and promoted offers just to make some money but back then I genuinely thought that was the only way to make money on the internet. Well it's changed and I have changed my marketing as a whole. I am now just saying as things is and it feels really really good being honest.

The products I promote now are something that I am proud of to promote and people absolutely love it!


1. Pick a really good core offer that pays well

2. Pick a platform (free or paid) and stick with it for atleast 60 days and be consistent with it.

3. Make money$

60 days might sound unsexy but it's really not that long. 2 months goes just like that and if you develop a skill, a little audience for yourself , you'll be way ahead than you were in years in this industry!

So yeah that's my honest advice.

What do YOU think about this?

I want to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts about it the comments below.



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